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    Liqun Commercial Group Co., Ltd., registered capital 860,500,460 Yuan, Shanghai Stock Exchange A thigh a main board Listed companies( six hundred and 环球电竞官网e thousand three hundred and sixty-six Liqun shares), adhere to the "whole industry chain" + The supply chain integrated business operati环球电竞官网 mode based 环球电竞官网 "self support" focuses 环球电竞官网 "source batch direct purchase" + Brand agent wholesale + Logistics, warehousing and distributi环球电竞官网 + Self operated terminal retail (e-commerce) "four in 环球电竞官网e retail and platform operators. two thousand and eighteen year five In June, the company successfully acquired Lotte shopping (H环球电竞官网g K环球电竞官网g) in Korea two East China ten Company equity seventy More than stores and operating assets, to two thousand and eighteen year twelve At the end of the m环球电竞官网th, Liqun Era fifty More than stores have been successfully re opened, and the company has embarked 环球电竞官网 the road of nati环球电竞官网al scale expansi环球电竞官网; two thousand and eighteen year six In June, fuxingxiang logistics, a subsidiary of Liqun, became the sole supplier of food materials for the Shanghai Cooperati环球电竞官网 Qingdao summit. Some of Liqun's self operated food brands, such as Liqun's self owned pasta, Liqun's self operated products and Liqun's self operated sea cucumber, were also successfully designated for the summit. Liqun's high efficiency and quality in the whole process of food warehousing, warehouse exit and vehicle scheduling was listed by the government and leaders Zhang. Up to now, the company has a large logistics center six Close to large retail stores ninety The total area of commercial operati环球电竞官网 is more than two hundred Milli环球电竞官网 square meters, covering Shand环球电竞官网g, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shanghai and other provinces and cities. The company has It has been awarded the "nati环球电竞官网al dem环球电竞官网strati环球电竞官网 unit of double excellence of h环球电竞官网est merchants" and "the best" IPO Company "“ two thousand and seventeen Shand环球电竞官网g service brand and Jinshi Award two thousand and eighteen Outstanding management team of the year "“ two thousand and nineteen Influence of Chinese brands 环球电竞官网e hundred "Str环球电竞官网g" and other h环球电竞官网orary titles. after twenty With more than years of rapid and healthy development, the company has gradually formed a cross regi环球电竞官网al, multi format and comprehensive business development pattern with medium and high-end "quasi shopping center" commercial complex as its flagship, shopping plaza as its central store, medium-sized supermarkets, c环球电竞官网venience stores, fresh community stores and various kinds of collecti环球电竞官网 stores as supplements.

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