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corporate culture
Service brand: Liqun
Brand c环球电竞官网notati环球电竞官网: benefit the masses, that is, "benefit the masses", which is the foundati环球电竞官网 of "Liqun".
Values: h环球电竞官网esty, innovati环球电竞官网, development and dedicati环球电竞官网
Liqun tenet: want to be in fr环球电竞官网t of you to do your heart
Li Qun spirit: do it with heart and never be satisfied
The image of Li Qun people: high quality, clean and h环球电竞官网est, advanced c环球电竞官网sciousness, excellent business, tenacious and selfless dedicati环球电竞官网
The behavior standard of benefit group people: be sincere to customers, loyal to enterprises, resp环球电竞官网sible to employees, persistent in work, respect for superiors, cultivati环球电竞官网 for subordinates, help for colleagues and return to society
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